Buying a Property

Navigating the property market can be intricate. Yet, with Oppida Estates by your side and our simple 10-step guide for BUYERS, you’ll find yourself comfortably settled in your dream home sooner than you anticipated.

Stunning property available through Oppida Estates for BUYERS

The 10-Step Property Buying Process with Oppida Estates


STEP 1: Reach Out to Us!

“Guiding BUYERS from the outset to the culmination of the property purchase.”
Take the initiative and get in touch! Be it through a phone call, email, or a casual visit to our office, registering your interests helps us understand what you’re seeking. This proactive step can set your property journey into motion swiftly.

STEP 2: Choices Galore

“Oppida Estates presents an extensive property portfolio for discerning BUYERS.”
Before embarking on the hunt, take a moment to envision your ideal home. Contemplate aspects like property type, desired neighbourhoods, and transportation necessities. For instance, families might prioritize nearby schools, while investment buyers should note tenant preferences like amenities and transport links.

STEP 3: Financial Housekeeping

“Swift financial planning propels BUYERS towards their dream homes.”
Determine your financial reach and select the best mortgage fit. If it seems complex, our advisors are here to simplify it for you. Also, always keep a buffer for any unforeseen expenses.

STEP 4: Discovering Your Dream Home

“BUYERS have a plethora of property choices with Oppida Estates.”
With clarity on your preferences, delve into our extensive property list. Our intuitive online portal, real-time notifications, and flexible viewing slots cater to modern schedules, making property browsing a breeze.

STEP 5: Seize the Opportunity

“Found the perfect property? Act promptly.”
Convey your interest to our estate agents so your proposal reaches the seller. Post their consideration, we’ll duly notify you of any acceptance.

STEP 6: Offer Accepted

“The thrill for BUYERS: Securing that impeccable property.”
On reaching the ‘sale agreed’ milestone, you’ll require a solicitor for the financial intricacies. Oppida Estates can recommend trusted professionals to ease your journey.

STEP 7: Conveyancing Essentials

“The legal transition of property ownership.”
This legal procedure transfers the property rights. Your solicitor will handle the nuances while Oppida Estates keeps you updated, ensuring transparency.

STEP 8: Mortgage Finalisation

“Validation before the final mortgage nod.”
A ‘mortgage valuation’ is essential for your lender to approve the terms. Once content, they’ll forward the mortgage offer to both you and your solicitor.

STEP 9: Contract Exchange

“Almost at the finish line for BUYERS.”
This pivotal phase legally binds the sale terms. Post this, anticipate a mutually agreed completion date for the formal property handover.

STEP 10: Welcome Home!

“Celebrating new homeowners!”
Rejoice as the legal owner of your new abode! Once all financial transactions are verified, all relevant documents transition to you, marking the completion of your property journey with Oppida Estates.