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The Renting Guide

In using Oppida Estates to assist you renting a property needn’t be the stressful process it sometimes can be. Our simple step-by-step guide gives you all the info you need on ensuring the renting process for you is smooth and stress-free!

Step 1: Decide What You Want

The quicker you decide on what it is exactly that you want, the quicker we can assist you, and the quicker you can be moved into your new property.

There are many things that are worth considering to ensure you make the correct decision. First, is the area in which you wish to rent in. When doing so it is important to consider proximity to work and schools, local amenities and transport links. You also have to decide on exactly the size and type that you wish for the property you rent to be.

Most importantly however the big question remains, the budget! Set yourself a price range so you know what is realistic and affordable for you.

Step 2: The Search

Once you’ve decided exactly what it is you want, it’s time to start looking for properties that fit the bill and live up to your expectations. You can utilise our website for this purpose that has tens of properties to choose from across a multitude of areas. Alternatively, come in to our office and have a chat with one of our estate agents who’ll be able to help you find a property matching your tastes and requirements.

Step 3: Check it out!

Once you feel you have found the perfect property to rent, it’s a good idea to set out to visit the property. We can set up a viewing appointment for you. At Oppida Estates we operate these around our clients and their busy working lives, so many of these viewings take place on weekends and after working hours, totally for your convenience!

Step 4: Agree to Rent

Once you’ve decided on what you feel is the perfect property, just let us know so we can pass on the good news to the landlord. This stage is known as the letting agreed stage.

At this point we check your references, which requires you to pay a fee. If and when this runs smooth and problem- free, you then pay the deposit and advance rent. The process is very nearly complete!

For details on the letting costs and charges, For details on the tenancy costs and charges, download our comprehensive list of fees for tenants.

Step 5: The Tenancy Agreement

If you so wish, you can leave all the paperwork to us, and we will provide a Tenancy Agreement for both you and your landlord to sign. This agreement is legally binding.

The tenancy agreement covers many things, including details of: your rights as a tenant and the responsibilities upon the landlord, the duration of tenancy, the agreed amount of rent and how often it is to be paid, as well as your responsibilities regarding bills and maintenance.

Step 6: The Big Move!

With the paperwork complete, and the advance rent and deposit paid, the only thing left for you to do is move in! You will be given a set of keys, and we will accompany you to the property on this day to carry out what is known as an inventory. Simply put, this just lists every item and fitting in the property so it can be checked for any damages or losses when you move out.

Once this has been carried out the process is all complete.

Welcome to your brand new home!

Renting a Property

Our experienced and dynamic team also ensure we can maintain the professionalism and personal touch that sets us apart and gives us our edge, as well as what allows us to cater for all types of needs. With our elite and cutting edge website, everything is made easy. Whether you’re looking for a penthouse apartment or a house share, we offer tailor-made options to all our clients.

We understand that you may be busy and not have time during normal working hours. With Oppida  Estates there’s never a need to take time off work to visit a property. Simply arrange a time that suits you, even if this is outside of normal working hours, and we will arrange the viewing of properties around your convenience!

Many of our staff are multi-lingual so if you’re from overseas there’s no need to bring a translator along to our office, we have them all here!

For details on the letting costs and charges, For details on the tenancy costs and charges, download our comprehensive list of fees for tenants.